Los Angeles based Axis Images is a production company specializing in immersive media. The multidisciplinary team has a wealth of talent and skill in 360º still and live action VR. The company is dedicated to producing memorable experiences in collaboration with our clients and partners developing branded and original VR content.

Janie Fitzgerald | Founder


Founder of Axis Images, Janie Fitzgerald is a photographer, recognized as an expert in immersive imaging, creating pictures both moving and still in high resolution spherical format. As one of the first professional photographers to ever work in VR, she created the original 360º movies for Apple’s groundbreaking release of QuickTimeVR, going on to shoot thousands of panoramic scenes since. She worked at Nokia Technologies as Director of their OZO studio, leading the internal creative team. Fitzgerald has given presentations and workshops about immersive media at Pasadena Art Center, Digital Hollywood, MacWorld, Brooks Institute, AFI, and Studio Arts Workshops. Her creative spirit and talent has guided projects in a vast range of subjects as she continues to share her knowledge and passion about making pictures.

Robert West | Independent Artist | Graphics and Sound
With a background in music, illustration, 3D graphics and interactive media, Robert West has created each of the highly customized interface designs and soundscapes for Axis Images projects for many years. His creative efforts and technical skills have helped all of the projects maintain their excellent quality and unique style.

John Schwarzell | Independent Artist | Post Production
John Schwarzell is technical supervisor and post production expert with a strong background in 360º capture and post techniques. He has worked on many Axis Images projects, developing creative and innovative methods for producing highly customized 360º content for various platforms.


Entertainment, Gaming and Tech


Mattel Inc.

Apple Inc.

Smashbox Studios

Rockstar Games

Warner Brothers

Yahoo Inc!


Los Angeles Metro

Seven Worldwide

Unisys Corporation

Wyland Art Gallery

Aardman Animations

Digital Island

Cultural Institutions

Carnegie Hall

Experience Music Project

Yamashiro, Los Angeles

Chelsea Hotel, NYC

Travel and Hospitality

Air New Zealand

Patina Restaurant Group

230-Fifth, New York City

The Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas

Hollywood Hills Hotel, Los Angeles

National Parks

Yosemite National Park

Catalina Island

Manzanar National Historic Site

Sports and Citi Centers

Dodger Stadium

Anaheim Edison Field

Los Angeles Convention Center and Visitors Bureau

The Queen Mary


Brooks Institute of Photography

Village School, Pacific Palisades

Voyager Expanded Learning

Knowledge Adventure

University of Virgina, Miller Center

Arcosanti Arts Center

Los Angeles Times Online